Motor Vehicle


Application for Replacement License Plate, Validation Decal, or Parking Permit (83146)


Credit Card Authorization


Disabled Parking Permit

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Forms

All forms related to the titling and registration of vehicles and mobile homes can be found on the Florida DHSMV forms site below.

Lease Vehicle Forms Packet

Provides the proper forms for an individual leasing a vehicle to properly tag and title the vehicle in his/her name in Florida.

Military Motor Vehicle Form Packet

Assists active military members with the proper forms to have their vehicle registered and tagged in Florida.

Mobile Home Forms Packet

Forms in this packet will assist new mobile home owners in getting their mobile home properly titled in their name.

Motor Vehicle Form Packet

Provides a motor vehicle owner with the forms to properly have their vehicle titled and tagged in their name.

Seller Notification Form

Sellers are required to notify the Tax Collector's Office upon the sale of a motor vehicle. The new owner's name and address are required.

Vessel Form Packet

Provides the proper forms for a vessel owner to properly tag and title their vessel in Florida.

Your Guide to Drive: Low Speed Vehicle/ Golf Cart/ Off Highway Vehicle

Do you have a golf cart, low speed vehicle, or off highway vehicle? Learn the laws and requirements to driving these vehicles in the state of Florida.