Mobile Home Decal

Own mobile home, but do not own the land it's situated on.




Real Property Decal

Own both the land and the mobile home and it's permanently set up.




License Plate

Travel Trailers and Park Models.


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About Mobile Homes: In Florida, the County Tax Collector collects state mobile home registration fees and local property taxes. The Tax Collector also performs all titling of mobile homes.

Registering With The State Of Florida: All mobile homes must be registered and titled by the County Tax Collector as agents for the Florida Department of Motor Services. Depending on the type of mobile home there are three ways to register with the state; Mobile Home Decal, Real Property Decal or License Plate (SEE ABOVE GRAPHIC).

Local Government Property Taxes: Some mobile homes are subject to county personal property tax. Tax Collectors collect local property taxes for several taxing authorities within the county boundaries.

Tax bills are mailed around the first of November. For more information, go to the appropriate registration type.

If the appropriate state decal or plate is not purchased for the mobile home, then both the home and attachments are considered all personal property and would be subject to local property taxes.

Registrations and decals for mobile homes used as living accommodations expire annually on December 31st . They are renewable up to three months in advance. A decal is issued without a metal license plate.

The length of the mobile home determines the fees; multiple-width units must have a decal issued to each unit. For example, a double-wide mobile home would have two decals issued, one for each side/unit. A delinquent fee is charged if the registration is renewed after January 10th. 

The decal is affixed to the lower left corner of the window closest to the street or access road.

Tangible Personal Property Tax is collected for the attachments to your mobile home such as carports, Florida rooms, and sheds. The amount of taxes due is based on the value of the attachments.

Questions related to the value/amount of the bill or how it was determined should be directed to the Property Appraiser's Office at 850-892-8123.

A mobile home permanently affixed to the owner's land that has been declared as real property is issued a "RP" (real property) decal. "RP" decals are permanent and have no expiration date. Owners must obtain a form DR-402 from the Property Appraiser's Office by showing that the land and mobile home are in the same name before an "RP" decal can be issued. "RP" decals are transferable to the purchaser upon the sale of the land and the mobile home as a unit.

Real Estate Tax is collected in the form of a standard tax bill that property owners receive and combines the land and the mobile home into one assessment and tax.