Application with a Florida Title

To complete a Florida Title Transfer for a Vessel, you will need the following documents:

  • Original FL Title
  • Proof of Identification (Driver’s License or ID card)
  • Bill of Sale (when applicable)
  • Power of Attorney (when applicable)
  • Application for Duplicate Title (when applicable)

To transfer a Florida Title of a used boat to the new owner complete the transfer information of the current seller's title. If the vessel is purchased through a dealer, the dealer reassignment also must be completed. Sales tax will be collected if applicable. In the event the title is lost, a duplicate title may be applied for using form HSMV 82101. The vessel owner will need to be present with valid proof of identification. When the vessel owner is not present, the owner can sign a Power of Attorney, form HSMV 82053, to allow the purchaser or agent to act on his behalf.
Have you misplaced or lost your FL Vessel Title? If you wish to apply for a duplicate title with transfer, both the purchaser and the seller must be present.

Title Fees:

  • FL Title Transfer (for Vessel):$8.25
  • Out of State Title Transfer (Vessel): $12.25
  • Fast Title Fee (to print out your FL Title in our office): $5.00
  • Lien Fee (if you have a Lienholder on your Title): $1.00
  • Duplicate Title: $9.00

Registration Fees:
The annual renewal fee is calculated based on the length of your vessel. Remember to RENEW your Vessel on your Birthday!

  • <12ft. $10.75
  • 12-15ft. $21.50
  • 16-25ft. $34.00
  • 26-40ft. $83.50
  • 41-64ft. $133.00
  • 65-109ft. $158.00
  • 110+ ft. $195.00

Are you the Seller of a FL Titled Vessel?
To notify us of the Sale of your Vessel you can fill out the top portion of the back of the Title (where perforated) and turn it into either of our offices, or you can fill out a Notice of Sale.