Tax Deeds


If a tax certificate is redeemed, the buyer will receive the return of the original investment, plus interest at the rate that was bid. If the tax certificate is not redeemed, the law provides that a certificate holder may apply for a Tax Deed Sale, at a cost, two years after the date of delinquency (April 1st). If a certificate is not redeemed, and a tax deed has not been applied for, the certificate will be cancelled seven years from the date of issuance.

If a tax deed is applied for and the Tax Collector certifies the application to the Clerk of Court, the Clerk will set a sale date. Once the date has been set, the Clerk will notify the certificate holder, property owner, and all lien holders. Tax Deed Sales are conducted online at The property is awarded to the highest bidder. The sale is final when the tax deed is signed by the Clerk. The property owner may redeem his/her property by paying all back taxes and costs up until the Clerk of the Court signs the tax deed.

Should you have questions or need additional information in this regard, please call (850) 892-8121 and ask for the Tax Department.

If you are interested in applying for a Tax Deed, please click the link below to be redirected to the Tax Deed Site. You will need to register at the sale site before you can make application on a Tax Deed.